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Apr. 28th, 2010

The park when and the blur!

So as suggested I went out and walked for a while around the great Invafourth Park, the spelling here I am unsure of as this is almost a pet name that it was given some time back but is not its official name.  One of the first oddities I noticed was that I appeared the only one adorned in a coat.  Putting this aside as just an oddity of the change of seasons I continued. 

Getting slightly agitated with the hustle and bustle of park life, no relation to the song intended, I decided to find a quieter area and withdrew for a while to a known more peacful spot.  A nice little spot just off a less frequented path, that was surrounded by trees and the alike.  It also had a quite small outpost that had bars over the doors and boarded up windows.  Most of its sides where also decorated in mostly quite unimaginative graffiti, mostly consisting of the words 'SAG' and 'MEM'.  The meanings of these words where just about to be thought upon.  When after sitting for a bit feeling slightly more relaxed and remembering time spent here previously, I suddenly was reminded of the fact that I had not properly thought this through.  A group of about 5-6 15 to 16 year olds decide even after they had seen that I was there ,and in my earshot decided to discuss this issue, join me as they wanted to climb onto the small outpost in front of me.

When they had began to descend down the vast stairs in to the trenches of the petit structure where I had located myself, they abruptly decided to stop and began to discuss their next course of action.  While the majority of the group where intent to climb on the building, much to my dismay three of them wanted to descend further and join me in my solitude.  It was the two girls due to skirts and not wanting to climb incase they where forever lost on top of the great structure.  As well as this one of the boys who had his arm attached to one of the girls and instantly seemed to change his song to fit in tune with the one she sang.

I at this fumbled around in my pockets to make sure I had all my stuff.  As I did this there was a great blur for a moment and suddenly three of the group where above me on the structure.  I could not understand how they had managed it, but in no time they had gone from the stairs to the heights of the outpost.  A dark brown dog started to bark quite loudly at this point, possibly at what had happened, even though it by the sound of it appeared not to be in the immediate vicinity.  This did not deter them and from above they beckoned to the others.

The others after much musing decided they where not going to join them but 'Join that boy down there', being me.  I at this stood and casually walked past, making sure to give a polite smile, proceeding up the few steps that where between my previous location and the exit to this scene.  One of the girls said 'Bye then' followed by laughter from a few of them, to which I remained solemnly quite and decidedly in my passage away.

Down the end of the path I found that the park had become worse in its shape as now more seemed to be going on around and to many blurs in the distance made me retreat through the bushes.  I eventually reached a tree after crossing a minor raven and stepping over the ruins of an old fence.  I climbed to a nice point in the tree to have one last break before moving on along a more hidden path around the edge of the park.  Not realizing I had after following the only root the bush had allowed, slightly looped round closer to the outpost again.  After one of the ones left on the roof spotted me he said something to his friends and I decided next time I must take more care when walking to keep track of the direction I was heading.

Again after looking down for a second, upon glancing back there was a slight blur and then the roof, of the once peaceful temple, was empty.  I decided as I could still hear them even though at this point a fence and a lot of life was between us, that I should finally leave this park and the strange blurs it contained behind.

I then headed home wondering if the blurs only belonged to that park, as it had been considered to me and my love to be a magical park.  Maybe these where manifestations of this!  After all it did have a circle of trees and also quite a lot of water in its expanse.  I shall only in time find out I suppose.  So must just wait and maybe in time will return again to that place.


Apr. 26th, 2010

As Palmers Green Begins to Shrink

Slowly but surely, more and more of Palmers green is becoming unobtainable.  More and more places are now to hostile to go to,  this epidemic along with others has so far been ignored.  If left much longer the void, despite its shortcomings will be the only place here left to feel safe. 

Some areas are left disputed and on occasions must be gone to and faced.  As time goes on I shall see what becomes of these places and have taken precautions to make sure if needs be they do not need to be approached.  On talking to supposed help, I have been given no hope of situations changing so am left to just stand my ground and leave them to theirs.

The void however of late has become more demanding, Its name in itself is merely used as a metaphor and to work it would have to really be seen as a quantum vacuum, as in these particles are thought to be coming in and out of 'existence'.  Sleep as such has become something of a rarely given luxury as so to speak, as sleep brings problems of its own as well.  Have taken a chance so far, so will change subject from here.

It also can be said that either the void is omnipresent or reality is closer to the dream world than previously thought.  As mentioned slightly in my last two posts!  This does not always seem to be the case but of late has become more so, with more occurrences happening.  Also with the mind never being fully set in one direction my opinions on the matters drastically change, sometimes quite abruptly.  These changes are often spurred on by out side influences who dispute the reality of my perceptions of events, often much to my disagreement.  But as said my mind on matters can from one moment/day to the next seem very opposed.

The sad thing is that it becomes harder to live with these things being just ignored and many of which especially when told or written like this are taken as farcical nonsense.  Most don't want to see how these other ways can be true, so I agree and laugh at how that is surely the case.  If only.

As only one will see these posts I apologise now.  But I am sure it is one who shall know of what I mean and keep all to themselves and understand why this should be so.  The others as said will merely persecute and be unbelievers as is probably for the best.  It is hard to say these things and also to write them in a none metaphorical way and with out a slight feel of humor as they make me feel wrong in some way.  A less serious approach stops me from falling into despair over things.  But as is hopefully understood, writing about things in some way helps to change the reality of them and gives you a slight comfort from them.

Palmers Green

Apr. 25th, 2010

When beauty changes face.

Again an occurrence from a few days ago.

Sitting on a picnic table waiting under a tree in the shadow it casts, just contemplating the void.  Time wise there is probably 20 minutes left, but even though thoughts of the void are trying to draw me back to it, I decide to wait as this if patient will be a lot more rewarding.

To my left up some stairs and behind a hedge sitting on another table is a group of workers I wish would leave and let peace rain free in the small garden area again.  It was them who had made me move from my last position to one again more secluded.  I could only hope more would not come.

Then much to my desire they left and again the sound of the birds and the occasional voice was all that could be heard.  One of the birds much to my surprise decided to visit me and flew down and landed on the table.  It was a confident little black bird of some description.  It decided to dance around for a while on the table a sang a little song.  This moment was oddly serene and extremely beautiful.

The little bird then commenced to shit on the table and much to my surprise turned and put its face in it.  It then danced a little, turned and sang, whilst surveying me to see that I was still no threat.  Staring now into its eyes the beauty had been some what diminished by the cream coloured shit now covering the silky black feathers of its face.  I could not see it in the same light any more and it seemed to sence this and there was an akward pause and tention building between us.  It after a few moments of this thankfully took the first move and chirped a polite but begrudged goodbye and flew away to where from it came. 

I was now alone again, with only a small patch of shit on the table to remind me of our encounter.  For a moment the scene was at a stand still, then more people came so I moved on to wait in safety.  I ended up glad that I had left the void to wait, as ended up happy for doing so.

Pic I quickly made for this post!  Does not fit quite so well as the last, but for how quickly it is made it works =)

Pic I did for this post

Apr. 24th, 2010

When animals become people!

Well... the other day I was strolling along, being careful to mind my own business and squinting in the sunlight.  On my way to get more canvass, when ahead of me I could see a woman in distress, whilst staring into a bush by her side and flailing her arms about as pieces of earth seemed to be flying up around her.

The bush was on a slightly raised area by the path, as I got closer she seemed slightly more agitated and I could hear the sounds of a distressed animal.  By the sounds of it a dog, which would explain the earth that was in a disjointed manner arcing from the ground through the air.  The bush was quite frantically rustling and if this was a dog then it must be quite a large one I thought.  As I got closer I could hear her calling a name I can not recall and telling them to calm down.

Now still trying to obfuscate myself from the world so I could get what I wanted and get back to the void, I walked past only slightly glancing at the commotion inside the bush.  The noises had been and where still very clearly that of an over active dog, but what I saw was a young man, digging into the ground with his hands and whimpering with some estranged glee from what he was doing.  The woman at this point had faded away leaving only this scene, I looked straight on and continued, as I had looked straight into its eye's.  As I walked on my mind could not see how it could have been a man,  the noises just did not sound like ones a human could make.  I after walking a safe distance glanced back.  The now out of focus blur of the woman was still there but slightly more calmed.  But very clearly the dog was still a man.  Still on all fours and still seemingly to all other respects a dog.  I could still faintly hear the noises of the dog or man although it as well had calmed.

I still can not bring myself to believe that it could have been a man, but at the same time by sight it was clearly not a dog.  A mixing of the signals in my mind, mix of avatars in the makings of reality?  These things seem to be to me the only way I can explain this occurrence.

On my way back the scene was empty, but the bush and damage that had been done to the earth remained.  I eventually got back to the void and am left to this day unsure....

Pic I threw together very, very, quickly about this post.

Quick image I made by throwing things together about this.

Nov. 11th, 2009

Why a world of Robots is not just Science Fiction!

What we have NOW...

"2006 – Honda’s Asimo, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, received internal as well as external modifications that boost its functionality beyond mere entertainment and into the world of commercial application. Asimo found employment at Honda’s Japanese offices performing tasks such as relaying messages and delivering coffee to its coworkers."

All quotes are from the below website,


It is hard to believe that Robots will in a life time (possibly yours) be all around us,  but take this into account:

"If we could go back in time to 1900 to tell people that in 50 years man will be flying though the air at supersonic speeds, and within 70 years a man will walk on the moon, we would be hard pressed to find believers."

My nan refuses to look at a picture of her grandchildren on the screen of a computer, saying she knows nothing about computers and refusing to listen to the fact it is merely an image.  Not understanding does not mean you should fear or instantly refute that which seems impossible, especially when it is in the hands of science and technology. 

My other nan often goes on about how happy she was when she got an oven and no longer needed to cook with a pan over the fire.  To a lot of us now the idea of not having an oven, or even a microwave seems mad.  This was in a persons life time, and for people of her generation, drastic changes have come about, even with some of what we now see as basic things.

The pace of advancement can easily out do the understanding of many.  You can not know everything and therefore as time passes more becomes further out of reach.  It is to have an open mind to all you dont understand, which includes science and technology, that is important here.

"If Moore’s Law holds true and the number of transistors on a microprocessor continues to double every 18 months, by the year 2020 the circuits on a microprocessor will have to be measured on an atomic scale. The logical next step at that point is to create quantum computers, which harness the power of atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks."

The speed of the growth of computer technology has been seen by most people and is a great way of seeing that, the prospect of robots being all round us, serving us and doing many menial jobs, is not such a big leap.  In fact as stated at the begining, they are already here to some respects.  As well as fully independent  Hoovering  and lawn mowing Robots, that are already reaching households.

"2025 – Robots with monkey-like think power will be developed with the capability to learn very quickly from mental rehearsals in simulations that model physical, cultural and psychological factors. They will be able to identify shapes, weight, strength, texture, and the appearance of objects and know how to handle them. The robots will know a things name and value, know its proper location and be able to use it when needed. They will be able to apply this knowledge to the service of their human counterparts by assessing their goals, beliefs, feelings and preferences, and acting accordingly. Robots of this caliber exist to serve their human masters and know nothing more than their designed functions."

The above is not such a remarkable leap, the technology and programing needed is practically already here.  The foundations have been laid.

So the future of a robotic workforce is not just a nice SciFi concept, in many peoples lives who are here today, it could be seen.  It may not be as spectacular as books and films sometimes portrait, but still they will start to become apart of everyday life.  Just sit back and think, it may not be long till a world without Robotic helpers will seem like the Dark Ages.